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Pageant Dates and Location

Sponsorship Brochures

- The State Sponsorship Brochure is something you can give to potential sponsors to inform them of what National American Miss is all about.

- Use this as a tool to go with your speech about why you want them to sponsor you in the pageant.

-Remember sponsor fees are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE for all businesses.

- Click on the Brochure to the left to print out as many copies as you want.


Sponsorship Receipts

- When a Sponsor pays you, you can provide them with a receipt.  Print out the form to the left and pass them out to everyone that sponsors you.


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How your Family and Friends can make Online Payments

If you have Family, Friends or Businesses that want to Sponsor you they can now click on the website link to the left and be able to pay by credit/debit card.  No password needed!!!

- This is a great way for Family and Friends to support you that live in a different state.

How to Make Online Payments on your MYNAMiss Account and see your account balance

- Click on the video to the left to learn how to set up your MYNAMiss account online.

- Make payments, add optionals and see your account statement on your MYNAMiss account.

Check Payments

- If you are paying by check(s) through the mail then print and fill out the form to the left and mail it along with the checks to:

National American Miss

21 3rd Street

Elmer, NJ 08318 


Credit Card Form

-You or your Sponsor can pay by credit card over the phone by calling 856-358-6400.

- If you are paying by credit card(s) through the mail then print and fill out the form to the left and mail it to:

National American Miss

21 3rd Street

Elmer, NJ 08318


Qualify for the National Pageant by competing in five Optional Competitions

- Compete in five paid Optional Contests and you will earn the Spirit of America trophy and you will qualify for the NATIONAL PAGEANT!!

- Click on the form to the left for more information.

Optional Contest Form

Optional Card.jpg

- If you want to enter any of the Optional Contests click on the Optional Contest Form on the left. print and fill it out.  Then you can scan and email it to our office at, mail the card to our office or go online to your account at and register for the Optionals there.

- You are able to add or take away any Optional Contests at Pageant Checkin.  This form is helpful to us so we can schedule enough time for each Optional Competition.

Public Speaking Tips

- Download the paper to the left to get some helpful public speaking tips.

Interview Help

- Download the paper to the left to get some helpful tips for the Interview Competition.

Yearbook Spotlight Contest Record and Layout Sheets

-Refer back to your Yearbook Spotlight Contest Magazine for more information about this Non-Required Contest.

- Download, print and fill out BOTH forms to the left to email or mail to our office your Yearbook Spotlight Ads. 

Sample Schedule

- Download the paper to the left to get an overview of what your Pageant Weekend Schedule would look like.

- The official schedule for your specific state, age group, dates and times will be available along with your Magazine #3 packet on this website two weeks before your pageant.

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Pre-Order your DIGITAL Copy of the  State Pageant Videos and get 20% off!

- Pre-order your State Pageant Video by clicking on the picture to the left.

- Full 1080i HD digital video sent right to your email for you to view or download.

Pageant Dates and Location

Pageant Hotel Information

Contact Us

National American Miss

21 Third Street

Elmer, NJ 08318

Phone: 856-358-6400 

Monday - Friday 9:30-5:00 EST


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